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With over 25 years industry experience, we can provide timely, efficient and accurate prefabricated jobs and professional installation services to move your projects to the next level.

We place great emphasis in not only satisfying but exceeding our client’s expectations for all their framing needs. We can also provide you with the right advice for custom-made and cost effective designs for commercial, industrial and residential projects.

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Our Engineered Timber products and services

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  • Wall Frames
  • LVLs
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Roof Truss

Pre-fabricated timber roof trusses have reshaped the way we build.

At Kure Roof Trusses and Frames, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and ability to design and manufacture roof systems that will meet the needs of your job. Our timber roof trusses are prefabricated, making them easier and faster to install.

The systems we have in place allow us to manufacture prefabricated timber roof trusses faster than conventional systems, with a flexibility to suit different design specifications and budgets.

As a MiTek 20/20 software user, as well as a user of MiTek Fixing and Bracing systems), you can be assured that all our manufactured timber roof trusses are engineered and designed to meet or exceed all Australian Standards.

Timber Roof Truss Northern Light

Posi Struts

Posi-Struts are a pre-fabricated flooring system of parallel timber chord trusses with unique metal webs. Due to their design, they use far less timber than conventional flooring systems.

Posi-Strut trusses are based on a unique "V" shaped steel web with integral teeth, which, when used with timber chords, forms long, strong, parallel chord floor trusses. This means you enjoy the strength of steel, together with the easy fixing and handling of timber, as well as the ease of being able to fix ceiling loads directly to the bottom chords of the trusses.

Posi-Struts provide an economical and high quality flooring structure, which come in a variety of depths, ranging from 248, 302, 360 and 412mm. They are easily assembled and provided ample access for plumbing, electrical, heating and air-conditioning services.

Posi Strut Flooring system

Wall Frames

Timber Wall frames, similar to timber roof trusses and Posi-Struts, are pre fabricated off site and delivered and assembled on site. This means that the timber wall frames can be custom designed and made to suit different specifications required by each job.

This process of construction, ensures that time spent erecting the timber wall frames is kept to a minimum, more efficiently distributing time to other tasks. Timber wall frames are also incredibly strong, able to withstand great loads from roofs and floors, as well loads produced by winds.

Double Timber Wall Frames


Laminated Veneer Lumber, LVL, is an engineered structural product, produced by assembling wood veneers (thin sheets of wood of uniform thickness) or strands and bonding them together with a structural adhesive to form a solid product.

The structure of the LVL disperses strength throughout the system, producing a higher bending strength and stiffness than an equivalent solid timber section.

This increased strength is due to the random distribution of timber veneer, allowing for weaknesses in the timber, such as knots, to be scattered within the system, reducing point weakness commonly found in single timber members.

HySpan LVLs F17

Installation and Project Management

We guarantee quality work and timely deliveries.

Full Frame Installation Service - Timber Walls Frames, Roof Trusses and Posis Struts